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Future Productions


Rumpus Theatre Company

in association with

The Sarah Thorne Theatre - Broadstairs


the scintillating light comedy


(or The Chocolate Cream Soldier)

by George Bernard Shaw


Arms and the Man


Beautiful young Bulgarian Raina has heroic ideals, betrothed as she is to
Major Sergius Saranoff. Her fiancé is away, fighting alongside her father,
Major Petkoff, in the war against Serbia ... but when escaping Serbian Captain
Bluntschli climbs into her bedroom through the balcony window, she finds
herself hiding him behind the curtains in spite of herself. Does he have
ammunition in his pockets? No … he has chocolate creams, like any other
jobbing soldier. And when she catches Sergius flirting with her maid Louka,
Raina finds her grand notions of love and war slipping away from her, as true
love and honesty take their place.


Tour Dates to be announced


“delightful … charming” (British Theatre Guide on The Eleventh Hour)

"slick, upbeat … full of humour" (British Theatre Guide on The 39 Steps)

“never takes itself too seriously ... you can almost smell the faded decadence"
(Eastbourne Herald on SHERLOCK HOLMES - The Scandal Of The Scarlet Woman)

"all the hallmarks of a classic" (The Reviews Hub on Raffles)


A real audience-pleaser, ARMS AND THE MAN
is a sparkling comedy that has more than a little to say
about the state of the world today!



Rumpus Theatre Company presents

The devilishly funny farce

The Comedy of Terrors!

by John Goodrum


The Comedy of Terrors


When Jo Smith arrives for an audition with director Vyvian Jones, it turns out she’s
actually been invited to the theatre by Vyvian's twin brother Beverley, who wants
her to impersonate her own twin sister Fiona, to persuade Vyvian that Beverley
hasn’t had a fling with Fiona ... he has, but doesn't want Vyvian to tell his fiancee
Cheryl! And when the real Fiona turns up, not to mention Vyvian (a member of the
local Sons of Satan Association, who wants to use Jo for his first human sacrifice)
and Beverley and Vyvian’s identical triplet policeman brother, the stage is well and
truly set for a fast-moving madcap comedy of multiple mistaken identity.


Tour Dates to be announced


“a farcical and hilarious couple of hours ... fabulous!” (Bracknell News)

“If you haven’t seen it, do. If you have, see it again; it’s just as funny and ingenious
the second time around. I was worn out with laughing by the end ...
written under the influence of happy juice!”
(Derbyshire Times)



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