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Chesterfield Theatres Summer Play Season 2020
A co-production with Tabs Productions



Robin Hawdon

24 - 29 August 2020

Successful chat show host Draycott Harris has a problem … he has no luck with women. While worldy-wise housekeeper Mrs Finney struggles to keep his gadget-ridden Mayfair flat in order, Draycott’s pursuit of attractive new PR girl Honey Tooks proves far more difficult than he expects – especially when elder brother James turns up to help, and long-suffering secretary Julia’s growing passion for her boss finally reaches boiling point!


Mike Stott

1 - 5 Sept 2020

Does Amy Granville have a ‘fancy man’?

Set in a small Pennine village in the 1920’s, Amy and Arthur have been married just under a year, but the small community begins to talk in whispers when Amy starts visiting the public baths twice a week and taking long walks alone. Arthur is more interested in cricket, football, and his pigeons. In an attempt to inspire more romance in their relationship, Amy does nothing to dispel the rumours of her ‘fancy man’.


(or A Sting in the Tale)
Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner

8 - 12 Sept 2020

Two successful thriller writers are struggling for inspiration, and their financial resources are rapidly dwindling. Desperately searching for a new idea, they decide to first imagine a victim and then fit the mystery plot around their dead body. “We need a victim the audience would cheerfully hate,”.......... but will their best plot in years run and run?



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