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Rumpus Theatre Company presents for its Autumn 2018 small- / medium-scale tour:

a fiendish new play


The Devil's Bride - Artwork

by Richard Layton

based on the chilling story by classic Victorian
Gothic horror author Sheridan Le Fanu

Aspiring 17th Century painter Godfried Schalken seeks an apprenticeship
with famous artist Gerard Douw, and falls in love with Douw's niece Rose.
But Douw achieved his fame by making a pact with the Devil,
and when Gerard attempts to wed Rose, his evil rival returns to claim his wicked prize.

Glossy … colourful … stirring” (British Theatre Guide)
up to [Rumpus’s] usual high standards … wonderfully creepy hokum …
the adaptation, in true Grand Guignol style, by Richard Layton, was fine
” (Eastern Daily Press)
It's the best theatre production I've ever witnessed.
Soo eery and sinister the sound and music . Very well done
” (Twitter)

Last Autumn’s production of “THE RED ROOM” was “captivating” (British Theatre Guide) and
recommended “to anyone who enjoys sitting on the edge of their seat” (
attracting social media comments such as “Fabulous, thank you.
A performance we will remember for a long time
” and “Great evening - don't look under the blanket!”;
while “CAPTAIN MURDERER” before it was “the most entertaining horror to hit the stage for some time … delightfully despicable and fantastic fun” (

This Autumn's THE DEVIL'S BRIDE” is the perfect Gothic Horror treat as evenings draw in!

To see the trailer please click on the image below...

link to video page  or go to  YouTube Link


Dates 2018
Box Office
Fri 24th May 2019
7.30pm and
Sat 25th May
2.30 & 7.30pm
New Theatre Royal
01522 519999


The Devils Bride imageThe Devils Bride image

The Devils Bride imageThe Devils Bride image

The Devils Bride image



Tabs Productions & Rumpus Theatre Company present


Anyone for Murder - Artwork

The Comedy Thriller
by Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner

Max is planning to murder his wife Janet, collect her life insurance, and enjoy life with his girlfriend Susie,
when Mary and George arrive on their Greek island with news: Mary and Janet are beneficiaries of a huge
fortune. Plans and plots hatch, and soon everyone is bent on murder. All that stands in their way is the
presence of a neighbour who knows a thing or two about murder, crime writer Edgar Chambers.

A thrilling comedy by the writers of the television series The Avengers.
This is farce with a murderous edge. The action hurtles along at lightening speed
with an atmosphere of mystery and suspense peppered with plenty of laughs.
It’s packed with plot twists to leave audiences guessing right up until the end.

Box Office
Tues 2nd to
Sat 6th July 2019
Evenings 7.45pm
Matinee Wed & Sat 2.30pm
Devonshire Park Theatre
8-10 Compton St
BN21 4BW
01323 412 000




Rumpus Theatre Company presents for its large-scale Autumn 2019 / Spring 2020 tour

A chilling play based on

Charles Dickens’ classic Victorian thriller

The Black Veil

The Black Veil - Artwork

Newly-qualified doctor Stephen Ruggles has just arrived home on a stormy winter’s evening
and is warming himself by the fire. A mysteriously-veiled elderly woman arrives
at his door and begs him to visit a nameless patient at daybreak the following morning.
Against his better judgement, Ruggles agrees, only to find himself embroiled in …

… a web of lies and deceit that ends in death … but for whom!

Packed full of atmosphere and shocks, THE BLACK VEIL is...

a chilling thriller [that] leads the audience down several blind alleys
before revealing all with a clever double twist … nothing is as it seems
” (

eerie, nightmarish, chillingly spooky … a sure-fire winner” (Derbyshire Times)




Rumpus Theatre Company presents

Edgar Allan Poe's terrifying classic

The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque of the Red Death - Artwork

Prince Prospero and a handful of his nobility shut themselves away in a heavily fortified castle,
to escape the terrible plague that is sweeping their land … known as the Red Death,
it kills everyone and everything in its path. Disdainfully indifferent to the sufferings of his people,
the Prince throws a lavish ball, but as the masque reaches its orgiastic climax and the
clock chimes midnight, a mysterious, uninvited guest is found in their midst

… a guest that wreaks a terrifying revenge!

Last Autumn's THE DEVIL'S BRIDE was …

wonderfully creepy … up to [Rumpus’s] usual high standards” (Eastern Daily Press)

while “THE RED ROOM” was …

captivating” (British Theatre Guide)

and recommended …

to anyone who enjoys sitting on the edge of their seat” (

… THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH promises much much more of the same …

Rumpus … “guarantees to set your heart racing” ” (